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12 March 2021
GoPro HERO9 Black vs Logitech C930e - Which one is a better webcam?

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

If you own a GoPro Camera and are interested in using it as a webcam, you can follow our step-by-step tutorial.

Today, we will be comparing our GoPro HERO9 Black with a standard 1080p Logitech business webcam, the Logitech C930e. We wanted to know how the GoPro camera fares with a mid-tier Logitech webcam. We will compare these two cameras' image and video quality side by side and determine which one is a better pick.

Is using GoPro good enough for our day-to-day video calls? Or do we still need a standard webcam to conduct our online meetings?

Specifications ⚙️

GoPro HERO9 Black Logitech C930e
Megapixel 20 MP 3 MP
Resolution 5K, 4K, 2.7K, 1080p 1080p, 720p
Framerate 24 - 240fps 30fps
Focus type Autofocus Autofocus
Field of View 81°- 148° 90°
Microphone stereo stereo, dual omni-directional
Price $349.98 $129.99

Setting Up The Webcam

To use our GoPro as a webcam, we had to download the GoPro Webcam desktop utility first. This software is pretty easy to use. However, we did run into a bit of a problem with the software not detecting our GoPro camera. Additionally, we had to prepare a stand or tripod to hold our GoPro in place.

The Logitech C930e is plug-and-play, meaning that we did not have to install any software to use this webcam. In terms of convenience, the Logitech webcam is much easier to use as it requires fewer steps, and the webcam is connected just by plugging a USB cable.

Image Quality

We took a couple of pictures during daytime and nighttime to compare the image quality between GoPro HERO9 and Logitech C930e.

As we can see from the technical specs and the image output, GoPro HERO9 offers a broader field of view (up to 148°) than Logitech C930e (up to 90°). The C930e's image has higher exposure as the person and background appear lighter than those in the HERO9's output.

The above pictures are cropped images of the bookshelves in the background of the daytime image. Based on these results, even though they were both shot on 1080p, the C930e produced sharper images and less image noise than the HERO9. It is much easier to read the books' titles in the C930e's snapshot.

HERO9's images have lower exposure than the C930e, which is especially apparent during nighttime or in dim environments. This result showcases that the HERO9 has a worse white balance during low lighting environments than the C930e.

Next, we conducted a calibration test where we analyzed the white balance and distortion level. The image taken by Logitech C930e (right) shows slight distortion along the frame's edges, while the GoPro HERO9 almost has no distortion. However, the C930e produces better white balance and higher exposure.

Here, we look closer at the cropped color palette picture that was in the test chart. It compares the palette's actual color (small boxes) versus the color captured by the device. Overall, the Logitech C930e's colors are more vivid and bright compared to the HERO9. When we zoomed in, we can also see that GoPro HERO9 produced more image noise than the Logitech C930e. Therefore, we can conclude that C930e's colors are closer to reality than HERO9.

gopro-hero9-resolution-test logitech-c930e-resolution-test
GoPro HERO9 Resolution test result Logitech C930e Resolution test result

Here is the cropped resolution test result from the test chart before. Based on the output, Logitech C930e produced a sharper image, and we can read clearly up to the number 24. GoPro HERO9 had a blurrier outcome, and we can only read up to 20. There is also more image noise in the HERO9's output, as can be seen from the more harsh lines.

Video Quality

To determine which camera has better video quality, we recorded using both the GoPro HERO9 and Logitech C930e during daytime and nighttime with 1080p and 30fps.

GoPro HERO9 - Daytime Video

Logitech C930e - Daytime Video

After analyzing C930's daytime video, we can see a blur from the autofocus adjusting to the movement when the person tilted her head right and left. On the other hand, this is not visible on the HERO9's video. Additionally, towards the end of the video, there was more blur in the C930e's recording when the person waved her hand. In conclusion, the GoPro HERO9 produces a smoother and sharper video output than the Logitech C930e.

GoPro HERO9 - Nighttime Video

Logitech C930e - Nighttime Video

During the nighttime, both videos appear smooth and crisp. The blur from C930e's autofocus is not visible here, unlike its daytime video. Overall, the HERO9's video has lower exposure, making it harder to see the person's face as it appears darker than reality. The C930e has a better white balance during dim lightings than the C930e, as shown from HERO9's noticeable orange tint.


GoPro HERO9 Black Logitech C930e
Image Quality
Video Quality

Overall, in terms of image quality, the Logitech C930e produces a sharper and better white balance than the GoPro HERO9. This fact is evident during nighttime, where the HERO9's result appears quite dark and has an orange-ish tone. The Logitech C930e is a better option when used during the evening as it has better white balance and higher exposure in low light settings.

On the other hand, the result for the video quality is the other way around. The HERO9 can produce a smoother and sharper video with less blur during movements compared to the C930e. Hence, if you will be recording most of your videos during the daytime, then the HERO9 is more suitable for you. Don't forget to add extra light or pick a bright spot when using the GoPro at night, as it tends to have a poor white balance during low lightings.

In terms of functionality, the Logitech C930e is much easier to set up and use. As most webcams are plug-and-play, you can use the C930e just by plugging it into your computer. For the GoPro HERO9, you must install the software first and get a tripod to place the GoPro.

The price of Logitech C930e is much lower at $129.99 than the GoPro HERO9, priced at $349.98. Even though the HERO9 is much more expensive than the C930e, we need to keep in mind that the GoPro camera has other functions as it is a portable camera. You will be able to use it during your travels, which you obviously cannot do on a webcam.

Hence, in terms of price, quality, and functionality, the Logitech C930e is a better option. However, suppose you already have a GoPro camera and mostly do video calls during the day or in bright environments. In that case, sticking to your GoPro as a webcam is a reasonable choice.

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