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Does Lumina ship internationally? How much is shipping?

Lumina ships globally. We have global distribution centers located in the US, Europe, and Asia that ship to anywhere in the world. We ship with USPS for customers in the US and DHL for customers in Europe. The shipping fee varies depending on the country.

When will the Lumina ship?

We use a variety of shipping carriers to make sure we deliver your order as soon as possible. Typically, it takes 7-10 business days.

What is the return policy?

Lumina stands by the quality of its products. If you have any problem with your order, you can return or exchange within 14 days of receipt of shipment, provided the product is returned in the same condition that you received itj.

You can learn more about our return policy here:

What is Lumina’s warranty policy?

Lumina has a 1 year limited warranty for all of our products.

Where is Lumina located?

Lumina is an American company and our webcams are designed by an international team of engineers and assembled in China.

How does Lumina connect to the computer?

The Lumina Webcam comes with a USB cable that connects with any standard USB port (USB-C and USB-C). No additional power cables necessary -- just plug in the USB cable and it’ll start working.

Which operating systems is Lumina compatible with?

Lumina is compatible with Windows and Macintosh machines. We recommend Windows 10 and MacOS 10.10 to experience the full capabilities of the Lumina Webcam.

What are the processor and ram requirements for Windows 10 applications?

CPU: Minimum of Intel Core i3 2.5Ghz or AMD Phenom II 2.6Ghz RAM: 8 GB+ GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 / Nvidia GeForce 710 / AMD Radeon HD 6450

Which video conferencing applications does Lumina support?

The Lumina Webcam is compatible with all major conferencing applications (Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans,, and more).

How does the Lumina Webcam compare against with the Logitech Brio?

While the Lumina Webcam and Logitech Brio are both 4K webcams, the Lumina Webcam has several video quality and experiential features that elevate your video calling experience. Video quality: Active Color Calibration, Adaptive Lighting, AI Cameraman, background blur. Physicality-wise, while being only half the size of the Brio, the Lumina webcam is equipped with a 25mm² sensor, 3x bigger than that of Brio's (8mm²).
For the full feature comparison, visit

What is the Lumina Webcam’s resolution and framerate?

Lumina has two modes: 4K @ 25fps and 1080p up to 40fps.

What is the zoom focal length? And is it hardware or software?

The zoom focal length is 3mm, and we are using sensor level zoom, not optical zoom.

Is Lumina compatible with all devices such as window screens, laptops & smartphones?


Is Lumina’s cord detachable and USB-C?


Is Lumina using a filter for its Focus On You (background blur) feature?

Yes, we use AI depth-sensing technology for our background blur.

Does Lumina do greenscreen?

No, but we may add software support for this later.

Is there a tripod mount for Lumina?

Yes, there is a 1/4"-20 mount for Lumina.

Is the FOV (Field of View) adjustable through your software, or how does it work?

Yes, our FOV is software adjusted.

Do I need to install a software to use Lumina?

Software installation is required to use Cameraman, background blur, and auto calibration. Without the software, the Lumina can still be used as a high quality 4k camera (similar to a Brio)

Does the Lumina webcam support Windows Hello?

Our engineering team is exploring a possible integration, but there is no firm ETA at this time. We believe there is a certification process before integration can be possible.

Does the Lumina webcam support chroma key, green screen, or HDR?

The Lumina does have HDR and green screen capabilities, but they are not enabled at this time since our engineers are still working on fine-tuning all the effects we are featuring at the moment.

What's the timeline for Mac, Windows, and Linux users?

Mac on September, Windows on October, Linux 5 months later.

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