Lumina - The World's First AI Powered Webcam

A better webcam. Powered by AI.

With the world's first AI powered webcam, Lumina helps you feel like you're right there in person.

The webcam, reinvented from the ground up

Lumina’s 4K CMOS Sensor captures clear, vibrant color. Paired with our AI software for enhanced depth perception and color correction, you've never looked better.

Ultrawide 4K Camera
Fully configurable field of view with a subtle, realistic, depth of field effect

Look your best in any

The world’s first webcam with Active Calibration

Lumina’s adaptive color correction system understands your environment and brings out truly vibrant colors.

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Focus on you. Not your surroundings

Your calls should center on you. Lumina’s depth-sensing technology hides distractions with a configurable background bokeh effect.

Your Personal Cameraman

Lumina’s AI Cameraman follows you throughout the call, making sure you have perfect framing no matter how you move.

The best things come in color

  • Four bold colors to choose from, find the perfect fit.
  • The sleek, magnetic privacy cover, snaps on like magic.
  • Smaller than a stick of lipstick, measuring 22 x 22 x 70 mm
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Lumina 4K Webcam

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Premium 4K Studio-quality webcam with AI Software

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