Introducing Lumina Desk

The ultimate workspace for productivity


Meet your in-desk display.
All of your apps at your fingertips.

An always-on, ambient display that passively feeds you information.


From tasklists to social feeds,
discover and build apps for anything.

Install an existing app or build your own.

Todo List

Create your perfect setup and
unlock a new world of productivity.

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Software Engineer

UI Designer


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  • Software Engineer
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your projected shipping date?plus icon qna desk
We are targeting a production schedule for our first batch of units to be shipped in the second half of 2023. Our exact ship dates have not been finalized, but will share regular updates to everybody who makes a reservation.
Which countries will you ship to?plus icon qna desk
The first batch of shipments will be available first to customers in the continental United States. Afterward, we will work on expanding to additional countries and territories.
What is the expected price of the desk?plus icon qna desk
We are in the process of determining the materials costs and manufacturing costs required to build the desk, and are expecting a final retail price in the mid-$1000 range.
I am an early backer. Will any discounts be available to me?plus icon qna desk
When you make a reservation (at the bottom of the desk homepage), you’ll receive an email showing your spot in line. Customers that are early in line will receive a second email with a prepay deposit that will make them eligible for a discounted price in the first batch of units.
I am an early backer or investor in the company. Will I receive a bump in line?plus icon qna desk
Early backers and investors have received an early invitation to make a reservation.

When you make a reservation (at the bottom of the desk homepage), you’ll receive an email showing your spot in line. We’ll be shipping on a first-come first-serve basis based on the date of your reservation and deposit.
Will the embedded display be a touch screen?plus icon qna desk
The embedded display is built as a non-touch screen to avoid accidental touches on screen. It will be controlled using your computer — you’ll be able to set up apps for your embedded display using the Lumina desk app, and can perform quick interactions through keyboard and mouse, or custom hotkeys.
How can I be a part of the first batch of shipments?plus icon qna desk

When we are close to our official shipping date, you’ll receive a checkout link with instructions on how to place an order

Will I be able to refund my deposit?plus icon qna desk
You can request a refund of your deposit at any time by emailing